The Numbers Game

Numbers have a huge impact on our lives. We are told we must know arithmetic as it is an essential tool to progress. Calculations of various types are being performed globally constantly.

There are those who have taken a different view of numbers and they carry out analysis of the influence numbers have on their lives.

Below is one such site.

Number 18 seem to follow me.

After starting this post, on 23 April 2011 I received a letter saying that a dental appointment has been made for the 18 May for me.

This has inspired me to start a story “The numbers Game”.

Chapter One

“I must say I do ponder about the numbers 18 and 3 how they have interacted with my life over the past 30 years – ever since I became aware of these numbers.” said Aisha playing with her food on her plate.

Pam was surprised as Aisha normally did not believe in such things.

“I was 18 when I met a special friend who was also 18 and his birthday was 18 June. We parted and met again after 18 years. I look forward to catching up with him …

“In the past I received payments on the 18th and there has been other important transactions in my life that took place on the 18th.” Aisha looked up and stared Pam in the eye.  “This is an observation mind you but the return of the friend after 18 years was a miracle as far I am concerned. Who know what else it means…”

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