I had a bad dream last night. I am not sure what it means but relied on God and I found myself saying the word “Vahiguru” to escape the nasty figure that was trying to catch me though I had given it food.

I found comfort in the fact I may remember the word “Vahiguru” on the day I die to escape the cycle of life and death.

I can’t remember what past lives I have lived though I am certain that I have. sometimes when I meet a person I know somewhere I least expect them to be I know we have met before in a past life.

Some recurrent dreams can become reality. We have free will therefore I assume we can control the future to some extent though destiny has a role to play. The acts we carry out and the acts we have carried out in the past lives determine the future we live based on the cause and effect.

There is a story that a man due to his past Karma was destined for a hanging in his new life but escaped it and instead a little thorn in his foot because he had changed his ways and his good deeds in his current life.

Life is a mystery and has to be lived.

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